Société de Garantie du Gabon and BICIG sign a portfolio guarantee agreement to support Gabonese SMEs

Société de Garantie du Gabon and BICIG sign a portfolio guarantee agreement to support Gabonese SMEs

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Posted on Jan 19, 2023

Libreville, Gabon, 19 January 2023 – On 18 January2023, the Société de Garantie du Gabon (SGG) and the Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l'Industrie du Gabon (BICIG) signed a portfolio guarantee agreement, a credit risk-sharing instrument to help support Gabonese Small andMedium Enterprises (SMEs).

Initiated by the Gabonese Sovereign Wealth Fund (FGIS), under the impetus of the highest authorities, this tool makes it possible to provide support to the private sector, particularly through credit institutions that are the direct beneficiaries. In this agreement, SGG makes available to BICIG, an amount of 2,500,000,000 FCFA, with the aim of:

· Share counterparty risk;

· Benefit from an advantageous weighting on the part of the financing covered by warranty;

· Increase the volume of credit granted to SMEs / SMIs.

The quality of the guarantee granted to the Bank is reinforced by SGG's compliance with the prudential standards of the COBAC accreditation enjoyed by SGG and the  technical expertise it receives from the African Guarantee Fund (AGF), a leading pan-African player.

Mr. Alban ETHO, Director General of the Gabon Guarantee Company said: "This major partnership with BICIG is part of a perspective to better respond to the financing needs of companies and represents the first stone of the edifice that we wish to build to strengthen the Gabonese economy. The objective is to guarantee this association with all credit institutions to facilitate access to financing for SMEs.'

Mr.Bene SAMMARIE, Managing Director of the International Bank for Trade and Industry of Gabon stressed : Through this partnership, BICIG has demonstrated its willingness to contribute strongly to the development of our economy. The guarantee set up for SMEs/SMIs will strengthen the support system for local players and thus secure and accelerate the economic development ofGabon.'

Indeed, the agreement will guarantee up to 50% of the credits that will be granted to SMEs/ SMIs including start-ups. Also, special emphasis will be placed on initiatives led by women and those whose activities are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, through an increase in the coverage rate to 75%.

This signature consolidates the mission of SGG and BICIG as actors of growth in Gabon and reaffirms the will of the Gabonese State to define a framework conducive to business. It also intervenes within the framework of the Transformation Acceleration Plan , in a context of post-pandemic economic recovery.




The Gabon Guarantee Company (SGG)offers local financial institutions loan guarantee solutions for SMEs, in the form of portfolio guarantees, and individual guarantees. Its mission is to increase the capacity of financial institutions to finance SMEs in Gabon in order to help them play their role in economic growth and job creation. In addition, it also provides appropriate technical assistance through capacity-building programmes for partner banks and SMEs benefiting from guarantees. More information: LinkedIn



Created in Gabon in 1945 initially under the name BNCI (Banque Nationale for Trade and Industry) BICIG was created in 1973 under its current name following its integration into the BNP Paribas group. The purpose of BICIG is to support and develop the Gabonese economy. Alongside theGabonese State and economic operators since always, BICIG was the firstGabonese bank to support Gabon's development effort by helping to offer a business-friendly financial services market. With its network of agencies and electronic banking, BICIG is a major player in the market of Individuals,Companies, Associations and partner par excellence of the Gabonese State. In 2020, BICIG became part of the AFG (Atlantique Financial Group), suggesting business development opportunities in Central, West and Southern Africa. For more information: / Facebook and LinkedIn


The Gabonese Sovereign Wealth Fund (FGIS) is the exclusive manager of the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Gabonese Republic and the unallocated holdings of the Gabonese State portfolio. The Fund invests in achieving shared prosperity for the benefit of the Gabonese people and future generations. As a partner in the government's action, defined in the 2021-2023 Transformation Acceleration Plan, the Fund intervenes in three strategic sectors: infrastructure financing, support for  SMEs and support for social sectors. The FGIS also acts as the exclusive agent responsible for the marketing of carbon credits belonging to the  GaboneseRepublic in the context of the fight against climate change. For more information: / LinkedIn and Twitter



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