Land Development


Serviced on the coast of Libreville


Projects of sustainable tourism sites by 2023

Our economic development implies the enhancement of our urban landscape and the promotion of our natural heritage. In this area, the FGIS plays an important role in increasing the country’s attractiveness through two dedicated vehicles.

The company Façade Maritime du Champ Triomphal oversees the urban development of the Baie des Rois in Libreville. While Luxury Green Resorts, oversees the promotion of ecotourism projects. These two entities are part of our company's portfolio.

Facade Maritime du Champ Triomphal

The development company FMCT was created in 2015. The company insures the project ownership of the urban development of La Baie des Rois.

FMCT requires sustainable procedures that meet the highest standards of international quality. Its expertise allows managing projects from their conception, construction up to their estate promotion.

Luxury Green Resorts

LGR's mission is to contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Gabon, to enhance the value of the National Parks and to promote job creation while respecting the criteria of sustainable development and profitability. LGR offers high quality tourism and eco-tourism services in Gabon for the local population and for international tourists.