SME Financing

20 billion

FCFA dedicated to the financing of Gabonese SMEs

The FGIS is empowered to take stakes in Gabonese SMEs with particularly promising potential or strategic interest for the State.

The Fund acts in particular through its subsidiary Okoumé Capital, which aims to bring out or consolidate national champions.

Okoumé Capital

Okoumé Capital is a FCFA 20 billion private equity firm dedicated to financing entrepreneurship in Gabon and the development of SMEs and startups with strong growth potential nationally and internationally.

Okoumé Capital's mission is to create and develop a fabric of competitive, innovative, profitable, job-creating and responsible SMEs that are characterized by an increase in market share both locally and internationally.

To strengthen its action in the service of financing the economy, Okoumé Capital has set up the Société Gabonaise de Garantie which will intervene directly with banks to offer guaranteed loans to entrepreneurs.