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The FGIS applies a responsible recruitment policy. The recruitment methods and processes used by the FGIS guarantee the principles of respect, non-discrimination, neutrality and promotion of diversity and gender equality and are based on an objective assessment.
All levels of recruitment comply with this requirement. Permanent jobs, temporary jobs and internships are all subject to the same methods and processes.
To apply with the FGIS you may fill an employment offer or submit a prospective application by directly clicking on the link provided for this purpose.
An acknowledgement of receipt will then directly be sent to you so as to assure you that we have actually received your application and that it will be processed by our recruitment department as soon as possible. Your CV will also be directly included in our database.
The main stages in our recruitment process include:

  • Selection based on the CV and covering letter according to the skills we are looking for
  • A HR interview in order to:
    • Assess how your profile matches with that expected for the vacant position (this interview may be accompanied by skills, knowledge or personality tests which results will be sent to you)
    • Assess your motivation and potential with a view to potential employment
  • One or more operational interviews to assess your technical skills in relation to the position you applied for.
  • Communication of the final decision (by telephone or by post): an employment offer for the successful candidate and rejections for the others.