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In September 2013, the FGIS along with ECP participated in a fund-raising project for ORAGROUP .
The transaction was about subscribing convertible bonds and redeeming shares from historical shareholders.

Oragroup SA is the holding company of the group ORABANK.
Since 2009, the group ORABANK, a historical operator in the banking and micro finance industries, refocused his business in commercial banking. Currently present in six sub-Saharan Africa’s countries (Benin, Gabon, Guinea, Mauritania, Chad and Togo), ORABANK has 30 branches servicing around 50,000 customers.


With the strategic and financial support from its principal shareholder, Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), since 2008, the group has initiated a restructuring and is significantly improving its management practices, the professionalism of its teams, technical skills and the physical and technological infrastructures, while strengthening the management team so as to provide a high quality regional banking group with sound foundation and a strong presence in West Africa (especially in the WAEMU) and in Central Africa.