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Created by the law 005/2012, the Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund was established to assist Gabon in developing new industries capable of generating enough revenue to replace oil revenues.

The main missions of the FGIS are as follows:

  • To contribute to Gabon’s economic development through the active management of the State’s portfolio of investments, including disposal or consolidation of existing State investments, or stable equity investments in the capital of companies with strategic importance
  • To guarantee Gabon’s financial independence and diversify its risks through the investment in capital of part of the State’s surplus revenues, especially oil revenues;
  • To encourage investment by domestic or foreign companies in the national economy’s strategic sectors through equity investments in these sectors;
  • To enable equitable distribution of revenues from the exploitation of natural resources between the generations.

The FGIS thus intends to leverage the resources the Gabonese government assigns annually to the Sovereign Fund of the Gabonese Republic (FSRG), through strategic investments.
The FGIS is the operating leverage to save wealth for future generations.