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The FGIS has an important responsibility towards the Gabonese society and a long-term strategic vision to diversify the Gabonese economy through investments that are profitable in Gabon and abroad.
Our vision, in line with the country’s policy of emergence, is to:
• Turn the President of the Republic’s desire for a more active management of Gabon’s resources into a reality;
• Guide the Gabonese economy towards further local added value;
• Guarantee Gabon’s long-term financial independence;
• Support the growth and development of Gabonese companies.


The FGIS puts respect and trust at the center of its professional relationships. Integrity is the basis of our internal operations for both our teams and our partners. Each FGIS employee’s motto is loyalty, confidentiality, fairness and transparency towards the companies in which we invest.


More than being merely shareholder, the FGIS is above all an active partner for companies and stands by them in their daily operations. The FGIS is always present at the boards of directors’ meetings so as to take part in the decisions affecting the companies’ business.
We favor a lasting commitment, based on trust, transparency, mutual respect and fairness to generate a real return on investment in the interest of all shareholders and the company.


The careful selection of our investment opportunities is a guarantee of success. The equity investments that we make, in connection with the FSRG’s policy of investment, must generate a reasonable level of profitability in the long term while minimizing the risks.
In addition, through its investments, the FGIS tries to affect a fundamental change to the companies in which it invests, while seeking to increase their strategic long-term value.


As part of the “Emerging Gabon » project, the FGIS, through its investments, is seeking to promote the development of Gabon’s « non-oil » resources in order to contribute to a development clean and sustainable model for Gabon. In addition, through our investments in companies within Gabon, we are encouraging the development of a new generation of Gabonese entrepreneurs and Gabon’s human resources potential.