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President of Gabon

Gabon has firmly begun its move towards competitiveness, growth and shared prosperity.
Building an emerging nation requires to provide ourselves with the means to constantly meet our fellow citizens’ needs, protect our country’s interest and work in favor of future generations.
For this purpose, Gabon has acquired the necessary tools and structures to achieve its goals.
The Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund timely comes up as a show piece of the country’s impetus and support measures.
Designed to hold and manage direct investments in our country at a national or international level, the Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund will position as an economic lever towards the self-determination of our country through excellence and innovation.
The significant work done so far and the vast opportunities show that the challenge and mission will be properly maintained.
Open to any mutually beneficial partnership in terms of transfer of knowledge and diverse investments in areas covering services and sectors with high added value, the Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund will establish itself as a model for our continent.
The secrets of its success will come from its dynamism, its long-term vision, the relevance of its strategic choices and the quality of its analysis, but fundamentally from its principles of good financial governance.